…because not all of us have our Peking ducks in a row

Lostnchina in China

A treasure trove of inane and neurotic writing for those who are hung up on China and all things Chinese.

If you’re a Chinaphile

Mongolian Barbequed: Four Days & Three Nights in Mongolia with a Chinese Tour Group

Vivian and I are Having a Baby!

So You Want a Piece of China, eh?

Three Made-in-China Things That Almost Killed Me

Too Fat for China – Confessions of a Size 4

Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: A Foreigner’s Guide on What Not to do While Living in China

People’s Republic of WTF?

Drink, Drank, Drunk in China: A Woman’s Perspective

The Trainer.

The Tao of Haggling from Someone Who Hates to Bargain

My Ten-point Plan for Surviving in China

China’s Customer DISservice

Dentally Yours: An Adventure in Chinese Medical Misadventure

For Those Who Want to Do Business in China

Help! (wanted): The Story of Boogie Wang, Chloe Chu, Pinky Lo and One Kinky Ho

The Foreign Customer is Always (Never) Right

Driving Miss Crazy

A Foreign Idiot’s Guide to Running a Business in China

The Tao of Haggling – From Someone Who Hates to Bargain

Of Banks & Sex – Banking in 21st Century China

If you’re confused about your Chinese identity

That Chinese Chick Can’t Cook Rice

This Post is Kind of Racist

My Favorite Chinese Stereotype: The Chinese Lotus Blossom vs. The Chinese Dragon Lady

The Power of Poo and Other Cross-cultural Conundrums

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