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On the @#& Day of Christmas: Hallmark Holiday Rejects

As we barrel toward the Lord of the Rings of holidays, let’s remember the true meaning of Christmas – reindeer, pine trees, and candy canes set against a backdrop of ill-fitting sweaters; family portraits masquerading as holiday cards from the people of  Christmases past; agonizing moments hoping that when Aunt Agnes visits, she won’t see your neighbor’s Pomeranian wearing the too-small pink sweater she’d knitted for your 16-year old daughter.

This holiday season, when you receive that re-gifted dried-fruit-and-nut basket, complete with your sender’s name crossed out in the “TO” field and your misspelled name in its place, or witness your co-worker trying to pass off a Christmas tree skirt as holiday attire, be thankful that you’ve at least escaped the fate of these Hallmark Holiday Card Rejects: those souls, who believe they’re sending their very best, but are instead subjecting us to something infinitesimally worse – their version of the holiday greeting.

As part of the “On the @#*$ Day of Christmas” series, I’ll be re-publishing past holiday posts each week till that fateful day, when I debut a new post.

The following piece, originally published in 2011, has been revised for immature audiences.

Goat with Aliens
Sherry and Lyle Carver with their goat, Lady Baa Baa.

This photo was taken when Elkhart, Indiana’s premiere easy-listening radio station for extra-terrestrials, KZET, had a statewide competition for “How Many Items of Christmas Clothing Can You Possibly Wear at One Time Without Causing Blindness or Permanent Brain Damage?”.

The Carvers’ photo was disqualified, because they didn’t discover till the last minute that Lady Baa Baa’s Santa hat couldn’t count towards the contest, as the only livestock permitted were cows and horses.

After this photo session, Lady Baa Baa was baanished to the baarn, but her happy-goat-lucky grin endeared her to fans worldwide, landing her a guest spot on Carpool Karaoke, where she moved James Corden to tears with her rendition of Carole King’s, “Goat Annie”. 

The original “Bad Santa”

In an attempt to find out the story behind Santa’s black eye, I’ve found Teakneck, New Jersey Police Department’s report on the incident:

Case Number: VT 05/04/17/3462

Incident: Attempted Vehicle Theft, Possession of Narcotics with Intent to Sell, Indecent Exposure, Loitering, the Sale of Pirated DVDs and fake Luis Vuitton shoulder bags, Soliciting a Wooden Buddha Statue for Sex at the All-you-cannot-possibly-eat Big Buddha Belly Chinese Restaurant, Overstaying a Visa Issued in 1975  for 3 Months

Reporting Officer: Officer James Rundle
Date of Report: 05 April 2017

At about 13:14 hours on 5th April 2017, I met with Ms. Shirley L. Gilbert at 204 Northeast Redding Street regarding an attempted vehicle theft, indecent exposure, sex solicitation, and the sale of illegal merchandise and narcotics. Ms. Gilbert said she had parked her car by the wooden Buddha statue in front of the “All-you-cannot-possibly-eat Big Buddha Belly Chinese Restaurant” at about 12:02 hours and went into a nearby gun shop to return a faulty handgun she had purchased with the intent to scare her “lazy ass” husband into “doing the goddamn dishes”, which has been “piling up in that motherfucking cesspool he calls a sink for the last two weeks”.

Ms. Gilbert said that when she returned to her car at about 13:00 hours, she discovered  an inebriated man, John O’Roarke, dressed in a Santa suit from the waist up and in his birthday suit from the waist down.

Mr. O’Roarke was asking the wooden Buddha whether it wanted any of that crazy “white stuff”, and Sexy Santa knew a place where they could get a room cheap and hang out, except they’d have to share the room with a twelve-man contortionist troupe from Tianjin, China.

Ms. Gilbert said that this all wasn’t so unusual as the fact that he was carrying a stunning Luis Vuitton bag from the Fall 2018 collection, which wasn’t out in the stores yet.

When Ms. Gilbert approached Mr. O’Roarke to ask about the bag, he panicked, dropped the bag, which revealed a stash of pirated straight-to-DVD Gay Christmas Pornos, such as, “A Silent Night, Oh What a Holey Night”.

When Ms. Gilbert bent over to pick up the Luis Vuitton bag, Mr. O’Roarke tried to flee in Ms. Gilbert’s car – a 1991 white, four-door, automatic transmission, Honda Civic EX with the license plate BGMAMA.

As Mr. O’Roarke entered the car’s back seat with the wooden Buddha face down on his lap, Mr. O’Roarke was unable to operate the vehicle and complete the theft.  This frustrated Mr. O’Roarke, who had an altercation with the wooden Buddha that led to the statue falling on top of Mr. O’Roarke and giving him a black eye.

I conducted a survey of the crime scene and found the following: two copies of Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, unused cotton balls, a fortune cookie with the message, “Do you really need these extra calories?”, and a pair of Santa costume pants.

I arrested Mr. O’Roarke for indecent exposure, attempting to solicit an inanimate object for sex, peddling narcotics to a statue, and the possession of pirated gay Christmas pornos, and being in the possession of fake LV bags.

When we arrived at the station, Captain O’Mallory’s children were visiting and insisted on having a picture taken with Santa. As a result, Mr. O’Roarke’s mugshot also contains Captain O’Mallory’s children, Tim, age 9, Tabatha, age 8, and Jeremy, age 11.


Upon performing a routine a check of Mr. O’Roarke’s name in our database, we found that he has overstayed his visitor’s visa, which had expired in May 1975. Mr. O’Roarke was unable to provide documentation showing his current legal status.

Consequently, Mr. O’Roarke will be deported to Mexico, even though he is originally from Ireland and speaks no Spanish.


Santa on a sunny July afternoon.

For those of you wondering what Santa does the 364 days he’s not dispensing toys to the children of the world, you may find him shirtless in his cut-offs and ski boots hanging out in Venice Beach, California.

Like a woman who might forego shaving her legs, if she’s not dating anyone at the moment, Santa just likes to relax when it’s not December 25.

But Santa still keeps busy throughout the year, devoting his time and energy towards worthy causes, such as “Loofah for the Lonely” and periodically donates his body hair towards the production of Brillo pads for the needy.

It’s also a little known fact that the annual “Macaroni & Cheese Till You Drop to Your Knees” for the homeless would not have taken place had it not been for Santa graciously stepping in at the last minute, generously offering his body as a human cheese grater, when the commercial-grade grater famous chef, Emeril, brought to the event could not keep up with the stresses of grating over 500 pounds of cheese.

Though Santa smelled terribly of sharp cheddar for the next two weeks, he felt it was all worthwhile when he saw the scared and confused faces of the children, who complained there was too much hair in their macaroni and cheese.


The Amy Sherlings

If you lived in Boone, Iowa between January 26, 1977 and February 3, 1977, drove an orange, rusty Chevrolet Chevette, went by the name of Eugene Larsson, and married your Filipino third cousin from Philadelphia, then you might have heard of ventriloquist Amy Sherling and her dummy, Amy Sherling.

Ventriloquist Amy Sherling was on the fast-track to becoming the Head Librarian when she discovered a talent for throwing the voices screaming inside her head outside onto inanimate objects in the library.

She first practiced on the books in the library.  For example, if someone picked up a copy of Moby Dick, the book would start to say in a squeaky voice, “Call me Ishmaaaaeeeel“.

Despite her quiet demeanor, ventriloquist Sherling was most fond of Kurt Vonnegaut’s gritty and realistic writing and would often quote him in dummy Sherling’s voice,

In my prison cell I sit,
With my britches full of shit,
And my balls are bouncing gently on the floor,
And I see the bloody snag
When she bit me in the bag.
Oh I’ll never fuck a Polack any more.
– Slaughterhouse 5, Chapter 7

Unfortunately, ventriloquist Sherling and dummy Sherling met an untimely death at a Red Lobster in March 1979.  Dummy Sherling wanted the all-you-can-eat Shrimp Feast, but ventriloquist Sherling was severely allergic to shellfish. Ventriloquist Sherling then accused her dummy of being a “diva” and signing a tell-all book deal with Simon and Schuster behind her back.

When the police and paramedics arrived, it was too late.  Ventriloquist Sherling had drowned dummy Sherling in a vat of lime jello, but not before dummy Sherling was able to drag ventriloquist Sherling head first into the day-old all-you-can-eat shrimp display.

Though ventriloquist Amy Sherling had a brief professional career, she will be forever remembered for coining the popular phrase, “If I had a quarter for every time I fell on my head and blacked out for a few moments, I’d be a rich bitch by now“. 

12 comments on “On the @#& Day of Christmas: Hallmark Holiday Rejects

  1. kevon wick
    December 10, 2017

    I find myself worried about Santa getting a sunburn, even with the “snowfield” on his back acres. Am I abnormal?

    Liked by 1 person

    • lostnchina
      December 12, 2017

      Santa is now fielding applicants to groom his back hair. Interested parties should apply at http:// help-santa-shave.com. This is a seasonal volunteer position.


  2. Mabel Kwong
    December 9, 2017

    Back after a while…enjoy the silly season. I’m not one for Christmas hampers and never was a huge fan of them. Let’s hope none come my way this year, like the last few years 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • lostnchina
      December 12, 2017

      Hello, Mabel, good to hear from you. How have you been doing? I see you’re still posting regularly after so many years. I should learn from you and keep a more regular schedule, instead of dropping spastic posts here and there.

      If you’re thinking about re-gifting your X’mas hampers, please be mindful about removing the cards others have given you. There’s nothing worse than receiving another fruitcake or weird nutty jam spread that doesn’t have your name on it. 🙂


      • Mabel Kwong
        December 12, 2017

        Not too bad and yes surprisingly still posting. Though I think the regular schedule will go out the window sooner rather than latter… 😀

        Haha! I’m actually not into giving people cards…the only time I gift cards is if it’s their birthdays. Speaking of fruitcake, I’m not a fan of that either…or mince pies that seem so popular around Christmas.


  3. smallestforest
    December 9, 2017

    Wow, girl, over a year since your last post…and I thought I was the Queen of Nothing Doing. Nice to see you back, I actually found myself thinking about you a few days ago, and voila, here you are. It’s hard to stay on the blogging wagon, eh? My laptop is so old that I can’t even update my browser anymore. And it’s a zombie without a battery, so will only work when plugged in. And here’s me, living on a boat without electricity, so there goes the blog! Luckily, my readers (most of whom don’t read my posts) are too lazy to unsubscribe…so the numbers still look respectable. LOL


    • lostnchina
      December 12, 2017

      Hey, Chickah, how are you? Thanks for your comment and so nice to be remembered. Maybe next time you can *think* about winning the lottery, and voila…?

      My husband, whose mistress is also the ocean, has been following your blog religiously. He thinks your husband is some kind of sailing god, traversing the seas on a bare-bones boat, navigating the currents without the use of any instruments (or solar panels/electric backup). I’ve been busy participating in his exploits, and let’s just say the last time I was on his boat, I almost made the mast fall over in the marina. Why was the mast not fastened down? That’s a blog my husband needs to write about.

      Keep in touch when you can. Where are you guys at now?

      Liked by 2 people

      • smallestforest
        December 14, 2017

        I headed back to Oz in October of 2016…! He was supposedly “right behind me”, taking the boat home on his own…well, it’s been over a year and people think I have married a Mr. Snuffleupagus…they think I made him up to not seem so alone… LOL He is in the Pacific, I think, but have not heard from him since mid-September.
        The magic of the trip has worn off, thanks to struggling with life on a houseboat by myself, and sometimes I find myself wondering whether I dreamed it all. Very sad. I listen to audiobooks in Spanish so as not to lose the language I so painstakingly learned…I miss the joy and warmth (not weather, but people) of the Caribbean.


        • lostnchina
          December 18, 2017

          Kris…Since October 2016?! Pfffft…. (that came out of my mouth, btw.) Are you back in Darwin? It’s no fun being on a houseboat by yourself without electricity (and Kris, who is more important? 🙂

          Too bad you weren’t able to stay longer in the Caribbean. Why did you have to return so soon? I’d thought the point of having a sailboat is to explore…and explore…and explore. The idea of spending endless days on the open waters doesn’t appeal to me much, but making landfall, meeting the locals and exploring the culture and flora/fauna would be lovely.

          Liked by 1 person

          • smallestforest
            December 18, 2017

            Two years was plenty for me, I found. Well, really, I ran out of money 😀 I even gave Mexico a miss because I knew I would love it so much, I want to be sure I can spend 5 months there, next time.

            Liked by 1 person

  4. becomingcliche
    December 9, 2017


    Liked by 1 person

    • lostnchina
      December 9, 2017

      Thank you! **Sniff** it’s so nice to be remembered. And how are YOU? How is the family? And Squish? is he 6’3″ and in college now? Has it been that long?


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